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A little larger than I expected but I love them! Very much a statement earring
Meri Razavi | 14 Jun 2019
So one earring is $40
marieclark1977@hotmail.com | 25 Mar 2017
Hello Dear Designer! I was wondering if I can order the yellow gold plated Anar Earrings "Yalda" with red hanging beads. It is so adorable. Best, Mobina
Mobinant | 18 May 2016
How big is this?
Firoozeh | 17 Feb 2015
What does this say?
Firoozeh | 17 Feb 2015
Hi, is there nickel in these?
nazila | 01 Jan 2015
Cho Iran nabashad, tan e man mabad: If there is no Iran, neither will I.
ALANGOO | 17 Apr 2014
Can anyone tell me what it says on the earring?
Shermin | 17 Apr 2014
The word is miswritten. The letter "sh" has and extra dent. Otherwise it would been a lovely piece.
Azita Moosavy | 13 Sep 2012