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The necklace looked great however it came on done from the middle part after two times. A shop mended it by putting back the ring they were joined but after 2 more times it happened again. I like it and hope the new ones are made better. Thanks
Sarira | 03 Jul 2019
Very bad, don't buy it. You will waste your money
Azita Khami | 03 Jul 2019
It's a sweet little piece. It is little.
aftab | 03 Jul 2019
Beautiful piece!
Parnian Mokri | 03 Jul 2019
received the item on time and looks great :)
Hadis | 24 Apr 2019
This is really amazing.
alito | 21 Apr 2019
Azalea Sharifi | 08 Mar 2019
Beautiful and elegant on your neck
mahrokh1362 | 23 Jan 2019
Thank you for your review. We are so glad to hear this. Thank you Nedlook for your nice designs and great customer service.
ALANGOO | 27 Dec 2018
I love my earrings! Got compliments from strangers at the mall the first time I wore them. Will make sure to keep telling people where I got them.
Guest user | 27 Dec 2018
Cute and good quality. Delivered in less than 2 weeks.
Guest user | 16 Oct 2018
Cute and good quality. Delivered in less than 2 weeks.
Guest user | 16 Oct 2018
It was a gift for my friend and she loved it. Very on time in posting the necklace.
Guest user | 18 Sep 2018
The Arezoo earrings are a gorgeous piece and very well made- my friend loved it. Thank you Neda.
MTreh | 10 Apr 2018
Dear Neda joon the cufflinks are so beautiful will definitely recommend it to all my friends. My husband loved it xo
Sohi61 | 15 Aug 2017
I bought a pair of earrings similar to this a bit ago from Nedlook and they were beautifully done! the designer even added her touch to the packaging, with a cute little thank you card and everything. I would definitely recommend buying from Nedlook--Their jewelry is lovely
sopphic | 17 Mar 2016