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Beautiful piece; perfect addition to our norouz table! The seller was also wonderful. Everything was wrapped and delivered with care. Thanks so much for this! Highly recommended!
Sadaf Tataei | 18 Jan 2020
I purchased this platter from Nazila and was extremely happy with the service and how responsive she is. Looking forward to start using this piece and serve goodies for parties.
Mariam Ehya | 14 Mar 2019
Absolutely in love with all the dishes I’ve recieved from Nazila Joon. She really takes service and customer satisfaction seriously!
Shamimjoon | 24 Sep 2018
Thanks a lot for supporting my works for second time🙏
Nazila akbarshahi | 11 May 2018
I love love and love it. Thank you for making such beautiful dish.
Saghafian.ts@gmail.com | 11 May 2018