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@dasterast Thank you for your comment. We are glad to hear you were happy with the order, and thank you Mr. Pishook :)
ALANGOO | 23 Oct 2019
Excellent quality Tshirt with beautifully designed portrait of Kayhan Kalhor playing the kamancheh. Now, I've got some pretty cool tshirts, but this one, THIS one,...……...is the coolest. Thanks for making them available!
dasterast | 22 Oct 2019
Quality shirt and print. True to size, the shirt is a nice length, too.
Aidan Kiernander | 17 Jun 2019
Low quality Tshirt. Never buy again.
Nasrin Farajiparvar | 08 Jun 2019
Awesome T-shirt. The size fits and it brings endless conversations.
Shahab Shams | 15 Apr 2019
Loved my new t-shirt. Thanks
Roya Parviz | 15 Dec 2018
Size exactly fits, good quality nice design
Guest user | 13 Nov 2018
maryam fattahy | 04 Oct 2018