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Tree Of Life Unisex Sweatshirt in grey - love it! quality of fabric is good, printing excellent, colours great. ordered large, and is good for me - but is fitted. for people in the uk who usually take large, i think a "large" or "extra large" is good.
Aidan Kiernander | 22 Nov 2019
Soft, warm, knitted cap. Perfect for a crisp Autumn day or a freezing Winter's eve. The pomegranate design is very nice. I call the cap "SarAnar"..
dasterast | 25 Oct 2019
I really like the design and the message behind that, it fits perfectly 👍
Mona Hashemi Yazdi | 17 Aug 2019
I ordered this as a gift for a friend. The item was shipped quickly from the States and the print quality was absolutely gorgeous. He loves this shirt and I would buy from this seller again.
Rania | 18 Jan 2019
Thanks for the beautiful design and fast service. The delivery to Austria was so quick. I received the item after 4 days. Size: I usually wear the size "small", reading the comments I decided to go with xl, but now I would suggest to go for a M or L, depending on how loose-fit you want the shirt/pullover to be.
Mina | 17 Jan 2019
Love the message behind this design. This tshirt is more form fitting. I would usually purchase a medium or small in this cut but i went for the large and it fit just right.
Saba | 08 Dec 2018
Beautiful colour and good detail. This tshirt is a looser style. I'm 5'3 125lbs and i got the small size and it fit well, but note this is a casual fitting tshirt.
Saba | 08 Dec 2018
Real work of art, very beautiful, so proud of having it!
alinoushka2 | 21 Jan 2018
The Large size was ridiculously small . The design is pretty and fabric is soft but I can't imagine how much smaller this supposed Large size is going to get.
nedab | 21 Oct 2017
i <3
Guest user | 16 Jul 2017
Love it
Salut | 30 May 2017
Great product with an awesome design. I got this for my girlfriend and she loved it! These seems to run a little bit smaller and I wish I could have got XS for her. She normally wears S.
alirezasarebanha | 02 Apr 2017
I love this bag! I have been wearing non-stop during the summer and only now that it started raining I have moved back to my winter bag. It fits perfectly, it's durable and the size is big enough to carry all the stuff I carry daily, including books! The only thing I miss is a zip in order to close it. Again, I give Khordad a full mark for this design! :)
renatavzq | 23 Nov 2016
Arrived in just 5 days from California to New York! Adorable and just as pictured. Thank you. I love it.
Tseng | 12 Nov 2016
Thank you Khorad for a great product and @renatavzq for leaving the review.
ALANGOO | 06 Oct 2016
I definitely give the tshirt a 10/10. Quality fabric, it just suits me and my style and the illustration has not faded even a bit in spite of having washed it a couple of times. The message is very meaningful, and many Persian speakers have asked me about the tshirt, I told them about the site and I hope I have been helpful spreading the word. Getting in touch with the designer was very easy and very quickly the seller guided me to choose the right size. I got my package in Spain without any further issue just in time. Definitely, I will purchase more product from this particular seller and will be looking forward for Khordad's forecoming designs! I feel the messages are very true to Iranian feelings and sentiments and I can only hope that more are to come. Btw, I would love the green tshirt about the revolts at universities to have a version for women too and rock it here! Regards, dastetoon dard nakone!
renatavzq | 24 Aug 2016
Thank you for the beautiful product (item) and fast service
Sohi61 | 10 Jul 2016