Behroo Bagheri Jewelry is a collection of handmade jewelry and silver-wear that is designed and made by Behroo Bagheri in her studio. Behroo's collection, Objects to Wear as Decoration, has gained a lot of praise within the Persian community both inside and outside her motherland" Born and raised in Tehran, she moved to L.A. after graduating from the Law school of Shahid Behshti University to pursue her passion in fine art. She studied fine art in California State University, Northridge, and started painting and showcasing her work in galleries and exhibitions. She then developed a new passion for jewelry making and started taking sculpture making classes in Cali, as well as some traditional "Zargari" goldsmith workshops and internships back in Tehran. Using different metalsmithing tools and techniques her small sculptural pieces vary from purely functional to purely aesthetic. Her pieces are completely hand fabricated and are mostly influenced by oriental forms and ancient cultures‭ as well as traditional Persian carpet weaving motifs and symbols.

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