Seller FAQ

ALANGOO is the first and only marketplace with a mission to provide an opportunity for Persian artisans and designers to introduce and sell their pieces worldwide. ALANGOO was designed for creatives with diverse backgrounds and has the largest diaspora audience.

Our platform provides sellers with access to their diaspora throughout the world, and in contrast to bigger marketplaces where the artist is lost among thousands of other sellers, ALANGOO allows sellers to acquire attention, recognition and success. We promote our Sellers and feature them on social media for free, while larger marketplaces and smaller platform collect fees for such a service. ALANGOO allows Sellers to have more power over their shops through the personalization of their profiles that allow them to share their story and message, functionalities such as creating coupons, discounting item prices and uploading your own photographs and content for your products.

ALANGOO genuinely cares about the culture and messages of our community and it shows! We share similar values that provide a positive, inclusive atmosphere. Your success is our success.

What are the responsibilities of an ALANGOO Seller?

Although ALANGOO is user-generated content, we reserve the right to remove images that are not presentable in terms of quality, and ask our Sellers to provide high quality images. Sellers must introduce their ALANGOO shop at least once on all social media platforms that they use. is a curated, application based marketplace. Sellers can join ALANGOO by filling out an application here.

Our curated marketplace supports independent designers and artisans who create jewelry, accessories and lifestyle pieces (home decor, intellectual and edible items), by giving them a platform to showcase and sell their work on a global scale. Sellers will be provided with an online shop after joining by where they can share their motivation and backgrounds, showcase and sell their pieces by managing their ALANGOO account. They can write about their items, price them and sell them worldwide. We let them reach a larger audience who might not be able to discover their work without our platform.

ALANGOO also seeks to connect independent-minded shoppers who appreciate individuality and innovative Sellers who create alternative clothing and accessories. We do this via online marketing, retargeting, search engine optimization and events.

We have tried hard to create a simple and user friendly marketplace for our sellers to easily manage their online shop. Once you join ALANGOO, you will be provided with an online shop where you have all that you'll need to start selling on your Seller account. You can list your pieces, upload pictures, write product descriptions, price your pieces and enjoy functionalities such as discounting items, creating coupons for your audience and more. On your product page, you can also see the number of likes and Facebook shares on each listed piece, as well as monitoring how your pieces are rated, who your buyers are and oversee the comments left on each piece by ALANGOO users. You will also be able to monitor your order status, change and edit your information, etc. Sellers will receive a step-by-step guide on how to manage their ALANGOO shop upon submitting our application.

All Sellers have to go through an online screening by our curators before they can sell on All Sellers first need to submit the Artist's Application available on our website. What you need in order to complete the application is between two to five images of your pieces. The application is only to determine the style and quality of your work and to make sure your work meets our standards. Once you are approved, you will be able to sign-in to your Seller account and start setting up your shop and profile. Please make sure you complete your profile before you start selling such as writing about yourself (background and motivation), describing your shipping fees and return policies, providing us with either a PayPal account information or any other account you'd like us to transfer the funds to.

When a shopper purchases your item(s) we handle the payment from them. Sellers will receive an e-mail from us including all the details associated with the order such the buyer's name, shipping address and the piece(s) that the shopper has bought. You then ship the item(s) and change the order status on your order detail page from "Pending" to "Shipped" to notify the buyer and us.

ALANGOO holds the payments for 2 weeks, once the order has been marked as shipped. This is to make sure there are no refunds and cancellations before your payment is cleared. After the 2 week hold period, we deduct the 15% commission of the sale price and transfer the funds to our sellers on the 1st and on the 15th of each month. Sellers can select their preferred payment method in the form of either receiving a check from us (if located in the US), or using their PayPal account. Please note that ALANGOO does not charge commission on the shipping cost.

You have complete control over your shop as far as telling your story, describing your products, uploading the pieces that you would like to sell and pricing them the way you like. However, while ALANGOO is in beta stage, we require our sellers to only list up to 10 products to begin with and maintain only this number of listed items until informed by our Admin.

Additionally, ALANGOO reserves the right to remove image or content that violate our Community Guidelines.

Sellers are in charge of shipping their sold pieces to customers. When you set up your shop on ALANGOO, you can add a shipping cost to your pieces to cover the shipment cost, using the Shipping Profile located on "My Products". My Account > My Product > Shipping profile.

Sellers have the option to send inventory to ALANGOO and request our personnel to handle the shipping process for sold items in exchange for a higher commission. Contact to complete this request.

Sellers set their own return policies for their products. This is available under "My Products" section after you sign-in to your account. My Account > My Products > +(Add Product)

There will not be any formal contract between us. By creating an account with us you agree to our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

All prices on our platform are displayed in US Dollars, Euro and Pounds. Visitors will see the currency that correlates with their location. If you are not a resident of US, we require you to list your price for it's equivalent in USD in your product form, but the price will be displayed as the currency that correlates with the visitors location. The visitors; however, have the option to change the displayed currency at the top right of the page.

Yes. ALANGOO's main mission is to introduce you, the artist, to interested buyers. It is very important to us to tell your story to those who might never be able to hear what you have to say about your inspirations and the story behind your pieces. One of our buyers' biggest motivation is to understand what is behind every piece that they see on our platform. They care about who you are as a Seller and what inspires you to make your statement pieces.

You can add your item by clicking on the + sign on the right side of "My Products" page after you sign-in to your account. After completing the form with necessary information, you can save your piece as a draft through the "Save and Hold" function at any time without listing it on the platform if you need more time to complete the form. Otherwise, you can just click on "Submit and List" and you are good to go. Sellers will receive a complete step-by-step guide of how to manage their ALANGOO shop via email upon approval as a Seller.

You need to make sure you include at least 2 pictures per piece. ALANGOO only accepts images on either white or gray backgrounds. We recommend you upload at least one image showing the piece worn in order to display the proportions.

Also, make sure you tag your piece with all the relevant keywords such as the materials, colors, size, etc . This will help customers find them faster when they search for specific item on ALANGOO. You can also tag your pieces with other relevant products on ALANGOO located on your Add Product form. Make sure to add a "," between keywords. This will increase the click ratio of your items.

Product listing titles should be descriptive and not general or the name of the product. This improves search engine optimization.

Although is a user generated marketplace and Sellers have the privilege of uploading images created by themselves, images must be taken with simple white, grey or black backgrounds behind the product. They must have professional, color, quality, lighting, sharpness, etc. Images must have a model or editorial to show shoppers the size of the product. ALANGOO reserves the right to remove an images that are not professional or doesn't meet our qualifications. The ideal size for images is 1300 by 1300 pixels although the length of the image could be longer. Images can't be larger than 1 gigabyte. Try not to upload images with poor resolution. Product listings have a zoom-in functionality and poor resolution will make images appear blurry.

After you sell a piece, we will send you an order confirmation notification e-mail containing all the relevant info regarding sale (item, buyer, etc.). This notification is sent to the e-mail address we have on file under My Account > My Profile. If you'd like to update the e-mail address we have on file, you can only submit a request to us by emailing us at Add our email as a contact in order to avoid sales notifications being lost in your spam folder.

The item's quantity is automatically reduced by the number that is sold, and the transaction information will show up under My Account > My Orders. You can check your order status from there to see if an order is marked as shipped or not yet shipped, canceled, or returned. Once we confirm payment has been received, you can ship the item to your buyer. Please make sure you ship the sold item within a timely manner.

Sellers need to make sure to change their order statuses to "Shipped" after their item is shipped, as well as change the status to "Delivered" when their item is delivered. The delivered status change will notify the buyer to leave a review for the product. Status updates will be communicated to the buyer throughout the shipping process via email notifications.

You will find a section to describe your return policy at the end of your "Product Detail" page. My Account > My Products > +(Add product). We recommend you provide a convenient return policy for your buyers and accept returns at least up to 7 days after delivery to the buyer. Please keep in mind having a no return policy will decrease your sales.

You will find a section to describe your Shipping Costs under My Account > My Products > Add Shipping cost. You can specify shipping costs for national and international orders. We highly recommend you use reasonable shipping charges, as shipping fees online are very competitive.

No worries! Sellers can easily put their accounts on "Away on Vacation" mode. You can do this by signing-in to your account, going to "My Settings" then selecting the dates that you will not be able to process your orders, at the bottom of the "My Settings" page. Upon selecting the dates you will be away on vacation a note will be displayed on your Brand Page. Although shoppers will still be able to purchase your pieces, they will receive a notification letting them know that you will not be able to ship the sold pieces to them before your account is reactivated.

You can leave ALANGOO at anytime and for any reason with no cancellation fee. If you decide that you wish to leave our marketplace, please send a request to indicating the reason(s) for your departure and we will remove you from our community.

You have control over the comments you receive on your products . You can simply go to your "My Products" page and look at the number of comments you have received. We don't recommend that you delete the negative comments unless there is a mutual agreement between you and the user. If you come across any comment that you find offensive or breaches ALANGOO'S Terms of Use, please contact or

ALANGOO charges only 15% commissions on the retail price of the sold items. We do not charge commissions on shipment prices. Every 3 months you can list up to 10 items free of charge. ALANGOO charges $0.30 for any additional piece you list to sell on the platform. ALANGOO charges 25% commission in cases where ALANGOO personnel handle product shipping and customer service for the Seller.

Please contact us at for any billing questions.

It's up to each seller to research their local laws regarding collecting and reporting applicable taxes for their sales. As a market place venue, ALANGOO cannot provide specific legal advice to sellers that include advice regarding taxes. In the United States, tax regulations can vary greatly by location. If you are unsure about the tax laws in your region, we encourage you to consult an accountant or other expert in your area. If you determine that you need to collect sales tax for certain sales in your ALANGOO shop, you can specify an average tax rate and include it in your total price. It will be your responsibility to pay your sales taxes to the appropriate agencies.