Persian Deco Plate


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This hand-painted fine porcelain plate is inspired by an infusion of classical Persian and Art Deco themes. It is ready to ship.

All paints are handmade from raw pigments. Gold work is done in 24 karats. Multiple firings are performed by me in my own kiln.

Every hand-painted piece is unique by nature, and minor variations (e.g., in texture or color) may occur.

Dimensions: 5" x 5"

The product may be returned for a full refund (not including shipping), if processed within 7 days of its delivery to the customer.

Shipping country Shipping price If 2 or more items are purchased
Ship to US $ 8 $ 8.75
Ship to CANADA $ 20.55 $ 20.55
Ship to EUROPE $ 24.75 $ 24.75
Ship to Middle East $ 25.75 $ 25.75
Ship to South Asia $ 25.75 $ 25.75
Ship to Other Countries $ 25.75 $ 25.75
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