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Yekibood Songs: Cheshmak is our first children’s music album, including both original songs as well as songs which were creatively adapted into Farsi language from popular folk and nursery rhymes from around the world! !

At Yekibood Children we strive to create original and educational music for our classes. The songs in this album are composed and put together in order to teach children about simple concepts in Farsi language such as alphabets, colors, numbers and animals, as well as introducing them to Persian cultural aspects such as Norouz and greeting rituals in a joyful spirit!

Permission from Yekibood Children is required to copy, distribute or perform the content of this music album.

Song Name Artists Run time
1. Salaam Yekibood Children  
2. Paahaaye Ankabout Yekibood Children  
3. Rangin Kamoun Yekibood Children  
4. Alefba Yekibood Children  
5. Mazrae Heivaanaat Yekibood Children  
6. Daayere Yekibood Children  
7. Tabl Yekibood Children  
8. Sar Shoune Yekibood Children  
9. Maahe Boland Yekibood Children  
10. Cheshmak Yekibood Children  
11. Laalaayee Yekibood Children  
12. Donyaaye Rangaarang Yekibood Children  
13. Norouz Yekibood Children  
14. Khodaahaafez Yekibood Children  


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