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Norouz Eggs

Egg, a symbol of the universe, of creation, and in some cultures, luck wealth, and health and specialy for us Persians symbol of fertility, an evelasting piece on our Hafsin tables to celebrate Norouz and spring.

Mixing this symbol and matching with one of of the most effective technologies of today Additive Manufacturing create the first series of our Norouz Eggs.

You can choose different color for every design you see in the pictures.

Please consider if you want to recieve them for Norouz place your order:

Europe by end of February

Canada & United States by 14th of February

Middle east by 14th of February

Measurments: 4cm x 6cm

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Shipping country Standard Shipping Express Shipping
Shipping price If 2 or more items are purchased Shipping price If 2 or more items are purchased
Ship to US $ 24 $ 12 NA NA
Ship to CANADA $ 24 $ 12 NA NA
Ship to EUROPE $ 12 $ 7 NA NA
Ship to Middle East $ 39 $ 29 NA NA
Ship to South Asia $ 39 $ 29 NA NA
Ship to Australia & New Zealand $ 39 $ 29 NA NA
Ship to Other Countries $ 49 $ 39 NA NA
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